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Installation requires a small Linux knowledge, but nothing very complex. Instructions:
  1. Copy pombo.py to /usr/local/bin

  2. Copy pombo.conf to /etc

  3. Import your public key into the root keyring: sudo -H gpg --import yourpublickey.asc
    (If you do not have a GnuPG key, you can generate one.)

  4. Choose a secret password, put it in pombo.php ($PASSWORD='mysecret';)

  5. Put pombo.php on your webserver.

  6. Put your GnuPG keyID, secret password and the url of pombo.php in /etc/pombo.conf:
    # Pombo configuration file

  7. Use cron to run /usr/local/bin/pombo.py every 15 minutes as root: sudo crontab -e
    Then add this line:
    */15 * * * * /usr/local/bin/pombo.py 2>/dev/null

    (Note: Don't forget to leave an empty line after the last line in your crontab file.)

Test run

sudo -H /usr/local/bin/pombo.py

and see if the gpg file is sent to the webserver (You should see a message: Server responded: File stored.)

Option: Activate on IP change

Pombo has an option to start sending reports only if the IP address has changed. By default, this option is not active and Pombo will send reports on each run.

When NOT to use this option

Don't use this option if your public IP is shared (campus, enterprise, open WiFi...). For example, it's not a good idea to use this option on a campus where all students have the same public IP address (due to NAT or proxies): If another student steals your computer, Pombo will not detect IP change, and will never activate.

When to use this option

If your IP address is personal (eg. home ADSL subscription for example), any IP change means the computer is not at home anymore. Pombo will then start sending reports, and will stop as soon as the computer is returned home.

How to activate this option

Add this line to /etc/pombo.conf: onlyonipchange=yes
On first run, Pombo will write down your IP in /var/local/pombo. On next runs, Pombo will send reports only if the IP does not match.
To have Pombo recognise the new IP as the "normal" one and stop sending reports, just delete the file /var/local/pombo.