gossips from the internet

What ?

It's a weird, useless project of mine. gossyp fetches random gossips from the internet (usenet, web, chat, forums...) and displays them on screen.


Why ?

Think of it as some kind of 'art'.
Or think of it as taking a snapshot of the current thoughts, rants and raves of people all around the world.
You'll find grave truths, clever thoughts, stupid comments, insults, questions, quotes, non-sense, deep sense, facts, out-of-the-context puzzling sentences from all over the world.


How ?

gossyp fetches random messages from different sources (Usenet, web forums, IRC...), extracts sentences, shuffles them and outputs them by various mean (standard output, HTML page, speech, screensaver...)


Technical details

gossyp is written in Python. gossyp has 3 different modules types:

Right now, gossyp has 2 input modules and 2 output modules.

Input modules are:

I plan to write more fetcher modules, including IRC.

Output modules are:

I plan to write more display modules, including speech, tk, RSS, pyGame, screensaver...

More technical details are available in source code comments.

What does it look like ?

Here are a sample outputs:


Where can I get it ?

A word of warning. Please read:

Now you know what you're doing, here's the zip file: gossyp01dev2.zip


How to use it

The pool will ask fetcher modules to fetch sentences until the pool has 2000 sentences. Although this works very well with a 56K modem, higher-bandwith internet access is recommended.