Here are some of my matches on Urban Terror. My in-game pseudo is "Enric". Urban Terror is required to replay those matches.
I published them because I am regularly accused of cheating.

2010_10_30_22_9_19_Enric_ut4_eagle_TDM.dm_68 (6,9 Mb) A TDM match, played on Furious Team server. I ended up with this score (97/28, ratio:3.4). Not bad.
2010_11_5_21_58_39_Enric_ut4_eagle_TDM.dm_68 (9,6 Mb) Urban Terror match played on 2010-11-05 on the TDM server where I was accused of cheating. Luckly the admin confirmed I was not cheating. I ended up with this score (104/55, ratio:1.8).
2010_11_6_22_4_1_Enric_ut4_eagle_TDM.dm_68 (10,9 Mb) Urban Terror match played on 2010-11-06 on the TDM server. My score: 114/38 (ratio:3). Here is the score when I left.
2010_11_7_16_17_55_Enric_ut4_eagle_TDM.dm_68 (4,3 Mb) Match on TDM server. I was again accused of cheating. My score: 34/12 (ratio:2.8).
2010_11_11_0_33_36_Enric_ut4_eagle_TDM.dm_68 (6,1 Mb) Yet another match where I was accused of cheating (near the end of the match). My score: 69/23 (ratio:3).
2010_12_30_15_13_26_Enric_ut4_eagle_TDM.dm_68 (9,1 Mb) Another good match. I was again accused of cheating (wallhack). Here is my final score: 94/42 (ratio:2.2).
2011_1_16_0_51_25_Enric_ut4_vasey_TDM.dm_68 (1 Mb) In the second part of the video, the player ([A-D]WhiteAss@sine) accused me of cheating because I was killing him all the time. Maybe he just didn't knew enough of URT:
- listen to the ennemy to localize it.
- when spotted, flank the ennemy.
- don't stand still.