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ZeroBin version history

  • Alpha 0.8 (2012-04-11):
    • Source code not published yet.
    • Interface completely redesigned. Icons added.
    • Now properly supports IE6/7 (ugly display, but it works. “Clone” button is disabled though.)
    • Added one level of depth for storage directories (This is better for higher load servers).
    • php version is now checked (min: 5.2.6)
    • Better checks on posted json data on server.
    • Added “1 year” expiration.
    • URLs are now converted to clickable links. This include http, https, ftp and magnet links.
    • Clickable links include rel=“nofollow” to discourage SEO.
    • On my public service (http://sebsauvage.net/paste/)
      • All data will be deleted (you were warned - this is a test service)
      • Default paste expiration is now 1 month to prevent clogging-up my host.
  • Alpha 0.9 (2012-04-11):
    • Oh bummer… IE 8 is as shitty as IE6/7: Its does not seem to support white-space:pre-wrap correctly. I had to activate the special handling mode. I still have to test IE 9.
  • Alpha 0.10 (2012-04-12):
    • IE9 does not seem to correctly support pre-wrap either. Special handling mode activated for all version of IE<10. (Note: ALL other browsers correctly support this feature.)
  • Alpha 0.11 (2012-04-12):
    • Automatically ignore parameters (such as &utm_source=…) added after the anchor by some stupid Web 2.0 services.
    • First public release.
  • Alpha 0.12 (2012-04-18):
    • DISCUSSIONS ! Now you can enable discussions on your pastes. Of course, posted comments and nickname are also encrypted and the server cannot see them.
    • This feature implies a change in storage format. You will have to delete all previous pastes in your ZeroBin.
    • Added Vizhash as avatars, so you can match posters IP addresses without revealing them. (Same image = same IP). Of course the IP address cannot be deduced from the Vizhash.
    • Remaining time before expiration is now displayed.
    • Explicit tags were added to CSS and jQuery selectors (eg. div#aaa instead of #aaa) to speed up browser.
    • Better cleaning of the URL (to make sure the key is not broken by some stupid redirection service)
  • Alpha 0.13 (2012-04-18):
    • FIXED: imageantialias() call removed because it's not really usefull and can be a problem on most hosts (if GD is not compiled in php).
    • FIXED: $error not properly initialized in index.php
  • Alpha 0.14 (2012-04-20):
    • ADDED: GD presence is checked.
    • CHANGED: Traffic limiter data files moved to data/ (→easier rights management)
    • ADDED: “Burn after reading” implemented. Opening the URL will display the paste and immediately destroy it on server.
  • Alpha 0.15 (2012-04-20):
    • FIXED: 2 minor corrections to avoid notices in php log.
    • FIXED: Sources converted to UTF-8.
  • Alpha 0.16 (in GitHub, not published yet):
    • FIXED minor php warnings.
    • FIXED: zerobin.js reformated and properly commented.
    • FIXED: Directory structure re-organized.
    • CHANGED: URL shortening button was removed. (It was bad for privacy.)
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