The autoblog project

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Will the replication of my blog lower my PageRank in Google ?

It may. But VroumVroumBlog uses the link rel="canonical" (as recommended by Google) to prevent the page to be flagged as "duplicate content", so this should not be a concern.

Nevertheless, it boils down to what is more important to you: The freedom of speech, or a good mark attributed by a firm ?

Should I use VroumVroumBlog version 0.1.x or 0.2.x ?

It depends. Version 0.2.x is faster and has a few more features, but requires SQLite3 and PHP 5.3, which may not be available everywhere.

The version 0.1.x should work even on crappy hosts.

Version 0.1.x can be downloaded in this page.
Version 0.2.x can be downloaded in this page.

VroumVroumBlog does not work !

Sorry, but I offer no support for the program. You will need php knowledge to investigate what's going on.
To debug the script, change error_reporting(0); to error_reporting(-1); to see error messages.

Here is a list of common culprits:

How does the autoblog performs its updates ?

VroumVroumBlog will automatically read the source feed if someone reads the autoblog, and only if feed was read more than 60 minutes ago.
If nobody reads the autoblog, it will not replicate the articles.

What happens if an article disappears from the source feed ? Will it diseappear from the autoblog ?

No. VroumVroumBlog will retain articles even if they are removed from the feed.

Is the "autoblog project" endorsed by Telecomix/ ?

Not at all.
Telecomix only helped by mirroring my censored article on, but the "autoblog project" is a complete different thing (altough motivated by the censorship of my article).

Who is Telecomix ?

Telecomix is an international, informal group of hacktivists (activist hackers), some anonymous, some not, from all countries, who work for freedom by helping people all over the world. Some of their actions are public, others are secret.

What is ? is a website operated by Telecomix which promotes the Streisand effet to help free speech.

Altough the URL of the "autoblog project" bears "" in the URL, it has no relationship with the website.