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Governments, organisations and corporations are putting more and more legal, moral and financial pressure on citizens, stifling free speech. High-profile sites like Wikileak can benefit from the Streisand effect, but it's rarely the case for smallers websites. But data must flow. The autoblog project aims at helping to automatically replicate articles all over the place, but on a smaller scale than what was done for Wikileaks. Think of it as an automated-Streisand effect.


VroumVroumBlog is an autoblog software. This is a very simple tool which replicates articles from another blog. If the source article is removed, or even the whole source website disappears, the articles will remain readable on the autoblog. The whole idea is to setup as many autoblogs as possible, so that, when an article is published, it is replicated all over the place, making much more difficult to censor it.

You can help

You can help webmasters to curb censorship. Even if you have a small webspace.
It's simple: To replicate another blog, copy two files on you website. That's all. No complex setup required. See the instructions.

Autoblogs, unite !

Who I am

I am the webmaster of, a personal website. I was threatened by a corporation because of one of my articles. The Streisand effect helped me a lot: Telecomix and lots of webmasters mirrored my article.

I want to give back. I want to help webmasters to curb censorship by providing a simple way to mirror articles automatically.

The autoblog original concept is an idea of Mitsukarenai (aka Arkados), the webmaster of
The initial version of VroumVroumBlog was made by an anonymous.
The current version of VroumVroumBlog was made by me, sebsauvage.
This page has more technical details about the project.

More questions ?

Read the FAQ.