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Technical informations

Version franšaise


For webmasters to adopt the replication system, it must be light, easy to setup and require no maintenance.
We want it to run on as many hosts as possible, thus we need to keep requirements to a minimum.
We want to stick to the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid).



VroumVroumBlog consists of 3 files:


VroumVroumBlog does not require a database like mySQL or Postgres. It uses a simple file, store. This is a serialized php array.

Media cache

All media present in the article body (src=... and href=...) are downloaded in a local cache, in the media subdirectory (which will be created if necessary).
Images will be downloaded only:


The autoblog will automatically update from the source feed when someone visits the page, except if it has been updated less than 60 minutes ago. This ensure the autoblog is up-to-date as soon as someone visits it, without hammering the source feed.
You can force the refresh by adding ?force_the_fresh in the URL of the autoblog.


VroumVroumBlog is public domain.


Here is the list of changes:

Improved version (0.2.x series)

If you wish, there is a more elaborate version of VroumVroumBlog published by BohwaZ (using SQLite3, translatable interface, object model, better paging...).
This version is faster and the 0.1.x series, but may not work on all php hosts.

If you want the improved version (faster, better paging, etc.), use the 0.2.x series from BohwaZ.
If you want to make sure it runs everywhere, even on crappy hosts, use the 0.1.x series (from me).