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php:zerobin_history [2013/02/22 23:52]
php:zerobin_history [2013/02/24 16:41]
Ligne 48: Ligne 48:
     * improved regex checks.     * improved regex checks.
     * larger server alt on installation.     * larger server alt on installation.
 +  * **Alpha 0.18 (2013-02-24)**:
 +    * ADDED: The resulting URL is automatically selected after pressing "Send". You just have to press CTRL+C.
 +    * ADDED: Automatic syntax highlighting for 53 languages using highlight.js
 +    * ADDED: "5 minutes" and "1 week" expirations.
 +    * ADDED: "Raw text" button.
 +    * jQuery upgraded to 1.9.1
 +    * sjcl upgraded to GitHub master 2013-02-23
 +    * base64.js upgraded to 1.7
 +    * FIXED: Dates in discussion are now proper local dates.
 +    * ADDED: Robot meta tags in HTML to prevent search engines indexing.
 +    * ADDED: Better json checking (including entropy).
 +    * ADDED: Added version to js/css assets URLs in order to prevent some abusive caches to serve an obsolete version of these files when ZeroBin is upgraded.
 +    * "Burn after reading" option has been moved out of Expiration combo to a separate checkbox. Reason is: You can prevent a read-once paste to be available ad vitam eternam on the net.
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