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Dwarf Fortress Portable Wiki

The official Dwarf Fortress Wiki at http://dwarffortresswiki.org/ is an invaluable piece of information when it comes to play Dwarf Fortress. Although DF is an offline game, it's hard to play without the wiki. How about an offline version of the wiki ?

Dwarf Fortress Portable Wiki aims at providing an offline, portable version of Dwarf Fortress wiki (very handy if you don't have an internet access). You can put it on your hard-disk, or on your USB key along Dwarf Fortress.

This is a horrible, quick, ugly hack. It works, but it's far from complete and will never be. It only supports a small subset of MediaWiki markup and a small subset of DF Wiki specific templates. Thus some pages will not render correctly. Nevertheless, most things will be readable and will provide useful information to the off-the-net player.

It is basically a local webserver capable of browsing the official DF Wiki export (dump.xml). It contains is a crude Wikitext renderer, hacked with some DF Wiki specific features. When I say "crude", I mean it. It does not support the whole Wikitext syntax, and only a small subset of DF Wiki templates.

THIS IS BIG, UGLY, QUICKLY-HACKED CODE design to fit basic needs. Please note that I provide no support AT ALL. You are on your own.

Did I say it's an ugly hack and that I provide no support at all ?

On to the real thing:


DFPortableWiki df_pwiki.zip
(11 964 bytes)
The program alone. You will have to download & install the Python 2.7 interpeter and download and decompress the dump.xml yourself.
DFPortableWiki+articles df_pwiki_text.zip
(12 119 774 bytes)
Program and all articles. You will only need the Python interpreter.
DFPortableWiki+articles+images df_pwiki_full.zip
(148 874 069 bytes)
Full package.


DFPortableWiki is a pure Python 2.7 program. It does not depend on any other lib than Python standard lib.


DFPortableWiki is under the zlib/libpng OSI licence.


  • Put the file dump.xml in the same directory as the python script (df_pwiki.py).
  • Run the Python script
  • Point your browser at http://localhost:8025

That's it !


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